Our mission is to find the best possible homes for the animals in our care. Many of them have been through severe hardship, mistreatment or neglect, and that makes it even more important that we do our best for them. This means that we have to have guidelines because not every adopter is right for every animal. We try to do right by every person who comes our way looking for a new family pet. But sometimes we have to say “no” to a potential adopter. Our animals do not have a say in where they go; since we speak for those who have no voice, we must do it well. Our rejection of an adoption application is no reflection on the adopter. Everyone who wants to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group is special because they open their homes to those in need. But, while we try to meet the needs of everyone, our clients are the animals. They have no one else. We appreciate your understanding.
    • Application: The adoption application is step 1 of the process.  Meet and greets will not be scheduled until an application is completed and submitted.  We do not operate on a first-come first-served basis, as it is our goal to find the absolute best fit for both our dog and the adoptive family.
    • Housing Requirements: If you rent, we require a copy of your lease or a letter from your landlord stating you are allowed to have the animal you are interested in.  This letter needs to be on your landlord’s letterhead, and with appropriate contact information to verify the pets-allowed policy.  If you own a home we will verify ownership via county tax records in your state.
    • Bring your existing dog(s) if you are adopting another one:  We want to make sure your existing pet loves your new friend as much as you do. Meeting on neutral territory will make the selection and introduction process that much easier. If you have cats at home, we will do our best to cat test for you but it is not always possible.  Often dogs in a new environment will not display a prey drive towards cats during the first couple of weeks of acclimation; this test is only meant to indicate to us an immediate failure if the dog shows aggression.
    • All family members and/or roommates must meet the animal: Some small children are allergic to cats or dogs, but their parents are not aware of it yet. Some elderly family members can’t handle the size or activity level of some of our canine guests. Some animals get along perfectly with one person, yet may act aggressive toward another.  Bringing everyone who will be a part of the family or the household is critical to the success of the adoption.  Please note that we do not adopt animals out to anyone under the age of 21 and ALL family members must attend the meet and greet.
    • Out of State Adopters: We do adopt to out-of-state residents, however, in-state applicants (Georgia and New Jersey) receive priority. If you live outside Georgia or New Jersey we will do our best to find a rescue partner to conduct a home visit on our behalf.  If a home visit cannot be completed, we cannot adopt a dog out to you. You must come to and meet the dog(s) you are interested in adopting and if you want to adopt, you will have to drive your new dog home with you. We do not fly dogs.
    • Each adoption process will vary due to the needs of the particular animal and background of the applicant. Please be patient, we are working hard to ensure that our dogs are placed in the best home possible.
  • Adoption fees: Adoption fees are NOT refundable
    Dogs adopted to Georgia Residents-$325.00
    Dogs adopted to all other states-$425.00
    Your adoption fee includes:
    1. Spay / Neuter surgery.
    2. Microchip
    3. Ground transport
    4. Routine treatment for worms and fleas.
    5. Routine vaccinations as age-appropriate:
  • DHPP – Note: puppies should receive a series of boosters until they are 4 months of age; these are typically given once monthly. Consult your vet.
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) – A follow-up booster may be required; we will alert you if this is needed.
  • Rabies – variable depending on age / other factors.

** Hounds in Pounds Rescue reserves the right to deny ANY adoption for ANY reason **

All of our dogs must be spayed / neutered before they go home. WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT DOGS THAT ARE NOT SPAYED/NEUTERED!

Please note that most of the animals in our rescue come to us with unknown medical histories.  We make every effort to adopt out only healthy animals; however, we cannot guarantee the health of the animal you decide to adopt.

The relationship between adopter and Hounds in Pounds Rescue doesn’t end once the paperwork is completed. We consider our adopters to be a part of the HIP “family” and we are available to offer guidance and suggestions, if needed, during the pet’s transition to his or her new home and family.  We encourage adopters to be in touch and enjoy receiving updates and photos of our former HIPster pups!