Every day, dogs get out of their collars and harnesses – We’ve seen dogs slip their shoulders out of harnesses, back out of collars, and prong collars that pop open. That’s your dog loose and in potentially fatal danger. A simple backup can save your dog’s life, like wearing a seat belt when driving a car.

A carabiner is one of the best and most reliable ways to back up a collar. Carabiners will still be attached to something else on the dog’s body (usually a flat collar), and your dog will still be attached to you and the leash. Carabiners are life-saving tools.

Attach a second collar with tags to their walking collar or harness with a simple carabiner. This simple action can save your dog’s life.

Below are examples of training collars and harnesses with backups.

**Please note we do not allow dogs to leave for their new homes with harnesses; they are dangerous and unreliable. Harnesses are only acceptable when used as a backup method to a collar.

Retractable leashes are NOT permitted because you, the human, have zero control over your dog’s whereabouts, or unpredictable things can happen when out of the home or on walks. For example, another dog can appear out of nowhere; a car could come speeding up the road or up or down a driveway.



Pinch/Prong Collar 

Starmark Collar