• Approved fosters submit their availability to our Foster Coordinator.
  • We work with partner shelters to identify dogs for our foster program and then look at fosters available for a 2-3 week minimum.
  • We match incoming dogs with potential fosters based on age and size preferences, as well as any building restrictions they may have. See below for more information on how we make matches.
  • We email our potential fosters, asking them to confirm within 24 hours of being matched and to request any needed supplies.
  • Once confirmed, we email our fosters pick-up and/or drop-off details.
  • Fosters pick up their HIP dogs and care for them until they are ready for adoption.

We carefully consider each dog’s individual needs and each foster’s preferences and restrictions. This allows us to maximize lifesaving, and ensure every possible dog that could be a match for our foster program is paired with an approved foster parent. Because we prefer to keep our dogs in the same home until they are adopted, we also generally look for fosters who can commit to fostering a dog for 2-3 weeks at minimum. We will reach out to you by email when we have a pup that is a match for you, and we will share their name, breed, age, weight, and photo. Once you confirm that you can foster the dog, we will then coordinate any supplies you may need to borrow and send you the dog’s pickup details.

We appreciate your patience as we go through foster applications every month. While we try to match new fosters to pups with every transport, we prioritize those who have more time and are more flexible with their pup preferences. Please keep your availability up to date as our team does not reach out unless we know you are free. The less restrictive you are on age, size, and breed, the more likely it is that there is a pup in need that we can match you with! 

If you have any questions about our Foster Matching Process, please contact us!