Hounds in Pounds is dedicated to helping local shelters by taking animals from their facilities and placing them in foster care until they can be vetted and safe homes are found.  We rely on local volunteer foster families to provide the love and necessary care for these transitional animals.  Fostering is the most vital and important part of this entire process. It is a very rewarding and fun experience for people who are not ready to adopt but want to help save a dog’s life. You are the critical difference between a dog making it out of the shelter and into their forever home or not- and that’s an amazing feeling. We can only save as many animals as we have foster homes.  Hounds in Pounds pays for all food, supplies and medical expenses.  We are always in need of foster homes, if you would like to learn more please contact us at or fill out the attached foster application.

All fields are required. Incomplete applications will be denied.

You will hear back within 7 days, or please assume your application was not selected.

For applications selected, a vet-check will be done, then a home visit made.

Before applying to foster, please consider the following:

Vet History checks are done prior to application approval.

All current pets should be spayed/neutered and current on all vaccinations.

We are required to do home visits twice a year as part of the fostering program.

Minimal requirements for a HIP Foster include:

Providing a proper diet and feeding schedule.

Maintaining a regular grooming schedule.

Teaching and implementing acceptable manners – house training, walking on a leash, jumping, mouthing, barking, chewing, etc.

Assessing temperament to determine the best forever home including providing socialization to various environments and situations.

Transporting to vet appointments.

Attending one monthly adoption event. You are responsible for bringing a crate, water bowl & towels to adoption events for your foster dog, as well as ensuring it is wearing a secure collar and leash. Please make sure your foster dog is clean and presentable for adoptions.

Being creative and supporting all avenues for marketing including ensuring current bios and photos are provided when requested.

Following “The 2 Week Shutdown” and allowing proper decompression.

HIP dogs come from animal control facilities or other environments where they commonly contract “kennel cough” or other illnesses.  Dogs coming from our vet’s office are quarantined for a minimum of 10 days with our vet however they are with unknown dogs on transport.  Because of this, you may be required to keep your foster dog quarantined – meaning completely separate from any other animals in your home – for 10-14 days. Though kennel cough is easily treated with antibiotics, it is highly contagious. If you fail to adhere to this quarantine period and your own pet(s) contract kennel cough, FTTF will not be liable or responsible for treating your pets.

We may also ask you keep your foster dog separated from other pets in order to give it time to decompress. (Please read “The 2 Week Shutdown). This will reduce the dog’s anxiety in its new environment and assist with a more successful outcome when introductions are made. Always consult with us and get approval before introducing your foster dog to any owned dogs or other pets. If you do not know how to properly & safely introduce dogs, please let us know and we will gladly help you

We provide food & preventatives for your foster dog; these must be picked up at adoption events or transport. With enough notice we are able to ship directly from the retailer. With countless dogs in the rescue at any given time, we simply cannot deliver these items to each individual foster home.  Please plan ahead and let us know when you are getting low on food or need preventatives for the upcoming month so we can have your items available for you to pick up or shipped out.

We believe all HIPsters are amazing, wonderful dogs. However, some may be more adoptable than others. HIP is known for taking in some challenging dogs who have been overlooked and giving them the chance they otherwise wouldn’t receive. This means some may have ‘special needs’, medical issues which necessitate more care or frequent vet visits, require behavior work or other extenuating circumstances. We will only place dogs with additional medical needs in foster homes prepared to handle those cases.  WE DO NOT PUT DOGS IN HOMES WHERE THEY DO NOT BELONG.

When you agree to foster a dog with HIP, you are committing to that dog until its forever home is found. This could be days, weeks, months or even years, though much of this depends on you!

If you are signing up to foster a HIP dog, we will do our best to place a foster dog in your home who is the right fit for your family. In the event your foster dog is not working out in your home, we will try to switch it out with another foster dog already in the program, if available.

If you are requesting for HIP to assist you in rescuing a dog and have it join our program, you are required to be 100% committed to fostering that dog until it is adopted, even if the dog does not play nice with your other pets. Please take this into consideration prior to requesting to add a dog of your choosing to our program.

Your foster dog is to always be crated inside when you are not home or it is unsupervised. This is for the health and safety of your foster dog and other pets and the protection of your home. You are responsible for supervising your foster dog when it is not crated. If needed, a crate will be provided to you. This crate is property of HIP and should be treated as such. In the event you are no longer fostering, be it temporary or permanent, the crate will be returned to HIP at an adoption event or transport-this is your responsibility.  HIP will not be liable for damages to items while your foster dog is unsupervised.

Regardless of how well-behaved or friendly your foster dog may be, it should NEVER be left alone unsupervised with any other pets or children. If you have a multi-dog household, please remember to always supervise dogs when toys or treats are available – even some of the friendliest dogs don’t like to share! Your foster dog should also never be left outside alone or with other dogs. For safety and health reasons, we do NOT allow our foster dogs to play at dog parks. Remember: Do not set your foster dog up for failure; always set your foster dog up for success!

We do NOT permit the use of retractable leashes, for the safety of you and your foster dog. We also do not allow treats such as rawhides and questionable “jerky” type treats or stuffed toys. Antlers, marrow bones and tough Nylabones are great options for chewers! If you need a sturdy leash or treats for your foster dog, let us know and we will happily get you what you need!

Thank you for your continued support and joining us on this life-saving mission.

**Please note that when formally adopting your foster pet, you are still subject to the application process and adoption fee. Please understand that the organization has to incur significant expenses for each animal rescued, so we cannot make exceptions on the adoption fees, even for fosters.

Foster Application

  • We agree NOT to change the name of the dog and to use the HIP given name in all correspondence, vets appointments, social media posts, updates, etc. We agree to advertise the dog on social media within the adoption mileage range and not to make commitments about dog/process that have not been approved by HIP. We agree not to list the dog on Craigslist, garage sale sites, etc. We agree to follow the decompression guidelines provided by HIP for any new foster dog. We agree to work with HIP to have the dog attend adoption events and meet and greets as and when they arise. We understand that HIP will inform us of the known health history and disposition of the dog we are fostering. Even so, there are many unknowns with a rescued dog and we agree to watch for any health and behavioral issues that may develop while the dog is in our care. Should anything develop, we will notify the rescue immediately. We will request authorization from HIP prior to taking the dog for any vet care and are aware that HIP has specific veterinarians and clinics we must visit with that authorization. HIP does not pay for nor reimburse for veterinary care under any circumstances without prior authorization. If we do not obtain authorization or visit a vet other than one designated by HIP, we will be responsible for payment of all fees incurred. If the dog suffers any injury while in our care we are financially responsible for all vet care needed due to the injury. We will administer monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative medication which will be provided by HIP upon our request. We understand all foster dogs are the property of HIP. If we wish to adopt the dog, we are aware we must complete and comply with HIP's application process. We understand that our application to adopt will be considered along with other applications and that the final decision rests solely with HIP and its representatives. If approved for adoption we agree to pay the applicable adoption fee. 1. Foster agrees the dog is to be treated as a family companion and agrees to provide the dog with a safe home, adequate food, water, proper care, exercise, love and attention. Foster agrees not to violate any laws or ordinances with the dog. 2. Foster agrees that the dog will be confined inside the home when no one is at home. When the Foster will be away for a prolonged period of time or vacation, Foster agrees to arrange for proper care of the dog (with HIP's assistance, if needed) and notify HIP in writing via email or otherwise of such arrangements. 3. Foster agrees to have a clean, secure fenced area for the dog. If no fencing is available, Foster agrees to leash walk dog. Under no circumstances is the dog to be kept routinely on a runner, tie out or be allowed off leash. 4. HIP makes no representations, guarantees or statements regarding the dog's age, breed, health, or temperament. While HIP makes every effort to provide an accurate history and assessment of the dog, we are not able to guarantee the dog’s age, breed, medical status, behavior or disposition. 5. No explicit or implied representations, guarantees or warranties have or can be made regarding the dog’s temperament, behavior or physical condition or with respect to its genetic composition, defects, or the like. The dog is fostered "AS IS" with any and all defects, observable or unobservable 6. HIP, and its representatives shall not be held responsible or liable, in any way or for any reason, for the actions of the dog when it is not within our immediate care, custody and control. HIP is available to consult, advise and provide assistance to maintain and enhance the health, training and compatibility of the dog. 7. If for whatever reason the Foster is unable to keep the dog, the Foster MUST return the dog to HIP. The Foster agrees not to re-home, give away, sell or otherwise dispose of the dog without the express written consent of HIP. Foster acknowledges that all potential adopters must be approved and screened by an HIP representative. Foster agrees NOT to release the dog to any friends or family who has submitted an adoption application before an approval to adopt is issued by HIP. 8. Foster agrees to allow HIP to conduct home visits, wellness checks and telephone check-ins at its discretion to ensure the welfare and safety of the dog. 9. In the event any of the terms of this Application and Agreement are breached by Foster, HIP has the right to rescind the same and demand the immediate return of the dog at any time. If Foster fails to return the dog, HIP will seek a Court Order for the return of the dog and will seek liquidated damages from the Foster in the amount of $750 plus any court costs and attorney’s fees. Payment of such damages shall not relieve or excuse Foster from returning the dog to HIP or any further liability. 10. This Application and Agreement is a legal contract shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon Foster and HIP, and their respective successors or beneficiaries. Both parties have fully read and understood all of the terms hereof, which sets forth all promises, conditions, and understandings, oral or written. 11. Fosters have 24 hours after arrival of the dog to notify us if they are ADOPTING (not interested in keeping) a dog. You will be forwarded an adoption contract the must be signed and returned with the fee within the same day By signing this Application and Agreement electronically, you the Foster, accepts and acknowledges all of the terms and conditions set forth herein and all risks which may be associated with the housing and handling of the dog. As the Foster, you further understand, and agree TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS HIP and its representatives from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of actions, or liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of or in connection with this Application and Agreement, and from any all liabilities pertaining to the actions of the dog when in the Foster’s possession or control irrespective of whether the Foster is present or not, including but not limited to any claims, actions or causes of action for injury to person or property, or other damages caused by the dog to any person or property.