We are pleased to offer¬†Hounds in Pounds’¬†HEP (Heartworm Education Program), open to applicants whose previous or current dog(s) have not been or are not up to date on heartworm prevention. The opportunity to participate is extended on a case by case basis, and only when all other application requirements are met and the home check approved.

HEP works as follows:

– Participants (all adults in the household) will attend a 45 minute zoom class covering in-depth topics relevant to the prevention, risk factors, and impact of heartworm.
– Following the class, participants must also pass a test upon completion of the class
– Participants who successfully complete the Heartworm Prevention Program will be matched with an available dog/puppy on a probationary basis.
– Participants will be required to sign a “Heartworm Prevention Agreement” (in addition to the standard HIP contract) outlining the potential adopter’s commitment to administering heartworm prevention medication
– Participants will also be required to pay an additional deposit in the amount of $200.00 which will be refunded after the adopter submits one year of “proof of purchase” of Heartworm prevention medication from their vet.
– Upon submission of “proof of purchase”, the heartworm deposit will be refunded and adoption finalized.