Rescue worker saving dogs in kennels from death row

Our Mission

Hounds in Pounds is a non-profit 501c3 local, foster-based dog rescue in New Jersey devoted to saving dogs on death row and in underserved communities in Georgia and other southern states as one of the leading rescues in the south, facilitating responsible and inclusive adoption and behavioral intervention.

Our Values – community is at our core

Hounds in Pounds was founded in 2015 by a small-town girl expecting to save a few dogs. Since our inception, we have saved countless lives and have become a lifeline for shelters all over the southeast.

We do not discriminate against ANY breed; that’s because we are a real rescue, and we will help as many dogs as we can. Our primary goal is to get them into loving homes. We hope that someday all of them make it out, but we will never forget the ones who do not.

If we can help save a life, we will. If we save a litter of puppies, we save the moms; mama dogs are often bred for their puppies and left behind with a grim future ahead of them; if we save a male, we save a female. If we rescue a puppy, we save a senior; if we rescue a purebred, we save a mix. We do not discriminate- no life, no matter what, is unworthy of love and a second chance.

Each dog we pull to safety is a family member treated with the utmost love and respect.

Many dogs we rescue are cases no one else will take; our motto at HIP is to “never say never.” We take on cases that others have deemed hopeless and help rewrite their futures.

To be clear, we are working for them. These dogs are our heroes, and we look to them for hope, inspiration, and sometimes the strength to keep going.

We also consider our followers, donors, adopters, rescue partners, and the rescue community a direct extension of our team. Without these moving parts, Hounds in Pounds wouldn’t be able to do what we do.