Adoption Process


Our mission is to find the best possible homes for the animals in our care. Many of them have been through severe hardship, mistreatment or neglect, and that makes it even more important that we do our best for them. This means that we have to have guidelines because not every adopter is right for every animal. We try to do right by every person who comes our way looking for a new family pet. But sometimes we have to say “no” to a potential adopter. Our animals do not have a say in where they go; since we speak for those who have no voice, we must do it well. Our rejection of an adoption application is no reflection on the adopter. Everyone who wants to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue group is special because they open their homes to those in need. But, while we try to meet the needs of everyone, our clients are the animals. They have no one else. We appreciate your understanding.

Application: The adoption application is step 1 of the process.  Meet and greets will not be scheduled until an application is completed and submitted.  We do not operate on a first-come first-served basis, as it is our goal to find the absolute best fit for both our dog and the adoptive family.  We can take up to TWO WEEKS to process your application and respond.  Do not email us asking if a dog is available or if you application was received.  If the dog is on Petfinder it is available. You will hear from us regarding the status.

If your application is selected you will be contacted for an interview and home check. If your application is approved you will be scheduled for a meet and greet. We only set up meet and greets with approved applicants. A meet and greet is the next step and we only finalize adoptions when we believe it is a good fit. We accept applications and our dogs stay in rotation until they are officially adopted.  We don’t hold dogs.  If you’re approved to adopt and meet a dog but do not commit to that dog at the meet and greet, we contact the next approved family.  You are welcome to take your time in making your decision, but there is no guarantee that the dog of your choice will still be available.  Our dogs cannot afford to miss out on potential homes while we wait to hear back from you.  Completion of an application does not guarantee a meet and greet.  Please understand we make the best decisions for our dogs  They  have been neglected and exploited in their previous lives.  When we rescue a dog we promise them that we will find them the best match of a forever home for their next chapter.  They need to start their new lives and understand stability and safety as quickly as possible.  Our shelter partners are euthanizing dogs at record rates and we can’t help shelter dogs if we have no space in foster homes.  

There are several reasons we may choose to deny your request to foster/adopt with us. These reasons include but are not limited to: negative references from veterinarian and/or personal references, lack of permission from landlord, failed home visit, lack of understanding of needs of rescue dogs, too young, applicant name found on a “Do not adopt” list, etc.

Housing Requirements: If you rent, we require a copy of your lease or a letter from your landlord stating you are allowed to have the animal you are interested in.  This letter needs to be on your landlord’s letterhead, and with appropriate contact information to verify the pets-allowed policy.  If you own a home we will verify ownership via county tax records in your state.

Fencing Requirements: Hounds in Pounds strongly prefers yards that are fully fenced in by chain link, wrought iron or privacy fencing. Rock walls or tree lines are not acceptable forms of fencing. Homes with no fences will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Invisible fencing is not acceptable. We do not adopt out to homes with invisible fences. Applications received that do no meet our fencing guidelines will not be considered.

Bring your existing dog(s) if you are adopting another one:  We want to make sure your existing pet loves your new friend as much as you do. Meeting on neutral territory will make the selection and introduction process that much easier. If you have cats at home, we will do our best to cat test for you but it is not always possible.  Often dogs in a new environment will not display a prey drive towards cats during the first couple of weeks of acclimation; this test is only meant to indicate to us an immediate failure if the dog shows aggression.

All family members and/or roommates must meet the animal: Some small children are allergic to cats or dogs, but their parents are not aware of it yet. Some elderly family members can’t handle the size or activity level of some of our canine guests. Some animals get along perfectly with one person, yet may act aggressive toward another.  Bringing everyone who will be a part of the family or the household is critical to the success of the adoption.  Please note that we do not adopt animals out to anyone under the age of 25 and ALL family members must attend the meet and greet.

Out of State Adopters: We are a hands on rescue and once you adopt from us you are part of the family. We keep our dogs close. Our adoption areas include the Atlanta GA area, and the New York, New Jersey area. We do not adopt out of our area. There are numerous reasons why but the most important of those is resources. If a dog we adopt out is injured and a family can’t afford or won’t treat the dog, if it is lost and finds itself in a shelter or with a Good Samaritan, if the dog were to be returned – we must be able to quickly and effectively treat and get our dog back to us. Our dogs and their safety are our first priority, we do not adopt to other areas/states. We do not fly dogs.

Each adoption process will vary due to the needs of the particular animal and background of the applicant. Please be patient, we are working hard to ensure that our dogs are placed in the best home possible.


We do not give discounts or run “specials” on adoption fees. No exceptions. Owning a dog, or any pet, is a big financial commitment. The adoption fee is just a small example of this. If an applicant cannot afford the adoption fee that is an indication they may not be financially ready to adopt a dog. Additionally, though the adoption fee does not cover our expenses for each dog, it does help recoup some of the cost and helps us keep the rescue running. Adoption fees are NOT refundable

Dogs adopted to Georgia Residents-$325.00

Dogs adopted to all other states

  • Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months-$550.00
  • Puppies 6 months to 1 year-$510.00
  • Dogs 13 months to 6 years-$475.00
  • Dogs 7-9 years-$450.00
  • Seniors-$300.00
  • Seniors for Seniors pay a reduced fee for our senior dogs.
  • Adoption fees are payable via Paypal, Venmo, Cash or Certified Check ONLY.

We are a volunteer-run organization who tries our best to respond to every single application but, if you do not hear from us within 2 weeks of applying, please note your application is not being considered.