Growing older doesn’t mean growing lonelier. Our Seniors for Seniors Program offers senior citizens 65 years or older the opportunity to adopt a senior dog at a reduced adoption rate. We love Senior Citizens at Hounds in Pounds. Senior humans and dogs!

Seniors for Seniors is a program rescuing senior dogs that are over 8 years of age from the shelter system. Hounds in Pounds will vet dogs and place the dog up for adoption. HIP’s expert matchmakers will help you select a companion who fits into your lifestyle and housing situation at a reduced adoption rate. Adoption fees vary depending on the age and needs of the dog. Adoption application and screening still apply. Should you choose not to adopt a senior, our regular adoption rate still applies.

Dogs eligible for the Seniors for Seniors program will be tagged accordingly on their profile on our site.

We encourage everyone to consider “Who will care for my pet(s) if something should happen to me?” We suggest that in planning for your family’s future, your will or trust should include arrangements for your companion animals. Of course, family and friends who are available to provide a new, responsible, loving home for your animals are a wonderful option and resources can be provided in pet trusts or bequests for those willing to become new caregivers. Additionally, arrangements should be made for your pet(s) in the event you are for unforeseen, long-term hospital stays.

More information on end of life plans can be found here: