Black senior dog for our seniors for seniors adoption

Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program

“The benefits of seniors having a pet are well-documented through research and anecdotal evidence. Aside from the emotional uplift and companionship which combats loneliness and isolation, interaction with pets can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decrease depression, and even ease the pain of losing a loved one.” –

Growing older doesn’t mean having to grow lonelier. Our Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program offers senior citizens 65 years or older the opportunity to adopt a senior dog at a reduced adoption rate. We love Senior Citizens at Hounds in Pounds. Senior humans and, of course, dogs!

The Way It Works

HIP’s expert matchmakers will help you select a companion, a senior dog, eight years or older, who fits into your lifestyle and housing situation at a reduced adoption rate.

*Please note that adoption fees vary depending on the age and needs of the dog. Adoption applications and screenings still apply, and a regular adoption fee will be applicable if you choose not to adopt a senior.

Dogs eligible for the Seniors for Seniors program are marked accordingly on their profiles on our site.

While we encourage seniors to apply for senior dogs, we emphasize the importance of considering what will happen to your dog if something happens to you.

In planning for your family’s future, your will or trust should include arrangements for your companion animals. Of course, family and friends available to provide a new, responsible, loving home for your animals are a fantastic option.

We also offer resources on setting up emergency contacts for your pets in case unforeseen situations could interfere with your caring for your pet. Please ask your adoption counselor for a copy of this document.

More information on end-of-life plans here: